How to Trim Palm Trees in Florida

How to Trim Palm Trees in Florida Video Tutorial

In this How to Trim Palm Trees in Florida video tutorial, Dr. Doug Caldwell from the University of Florida in Collier County tackles the hot topic of “Hurricane Pruning Palm Trees” — a common practice that is supposed to protect your palms during the Hurricane Season with the help of Mark Chin, a Certified Arborist.

They explain the important relationship of palm fronds to the health and safety of the tree and demonstrate the correct way to prune your palms.

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Many times trimming palm trees is done incorrectly and it often leads to problems that can eventually destroy the tree. It is very costly to remove or replace established palm trees.

In the Palm Tree Trimming article, I explain how it is important to trim and prune palm trees the right way. Improperly trimming palm trees can have a devastating effect and will severely injure the tree.

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