Florida Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care in Florida

Florida Palm Tree Care And Fertilization

Palm trees are a large part of today’s Florida landscape. Palms are used as a focal point from residential to commercial properties. Proper palm tree care is essential in having successful healthy palm trees. Unfortunately, many types of palm trees have problems from lack of nutrition.

Fertilizing  Palm Tree  Care

Palm trees require proper fertilization to receive the correct balance of nutrients needed for overall health and vigor. When fertilized on a regular basis following the right program they will get the proper nutrients needed.

It can take quite some time to bounce back if left untreated. It can take two or three years to return to normal if seriously neglected. It is recommended to fertilize palm trees in the spring, summer, and fall. Palm tree care from fertilization assures good growth.

Established mature palm trees require a complete granular palm fertilizer, 3-4 times a year at a rate of 5-8 PDS. per tree (Depending on size) at each application. If done only once a year it won’t help the tree at all. Newly planted trees can receive less, 1-2 PDS. depending upon the size of the palm. Until they reach a mature level.

Palm fertilizer that is specially made for palm trees contain the proper nutrients needed. It should contain all essential major and minor elements. Palm trees need sufficient amounts of Nitrogen, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, and Manganese to stay healthy.

It is recommended to use a slow (controlled) release palm fertilizer for palm tree care. Using a fertilizer with an analysis of 8-2-12, 8-10-10 should be sufficient.

The best way to apply granular fertilizer for palm trees is to broadcast it. When fertilizing palm trees spread it evenly underneath the canopy (leaf spread) starting one foot away from the trunk and spreading it out to and around the leaf spread.

Do Not pile it up against the trunk itself where new roots can be damaged. Do the best you can if there is limited space around the palm tree, due to its location in the landscape. Make sure the palm fertilizer is watered in after application.

Following guidelines on the fertilizer label is important for proper palm tree care.

By following the right program of fertilizer for palm trees on a timely basis will ensure your palm trees to be healthy. Having the tropical look in a landscape adds to the total appearance of any place or home.

With the right palm tree care, you will have beautiful looking trees for a long time.


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