Cold Hardy Palms

Even though tropical palm trees can experience problems during the winter, there are some cold hardy palms. Palm trees in Florida adaptable to cooler climates can be found in landscape nurseries. Some palm tree types that are found in central and southern Florida can also do good in north Florida.

Listed here are some cold hardy palms that add a tropical appearance around your home and landscape.

Windmill Palm Trees

A very popular palm tree, excellent for any landscape. It is one of the most cold-hardy palms for cooler climates. Height range is from 5-10 feet tall. It has a slender erect solitary trunk with fan-shaped leaves. Very adaptable to any soil condition. Used as borders or as a base plant and is also good for patios in a large pot. Has high salt tolerance so it is good for seaside locations.

Pindo Palm Tree

Grows to a height range of 10-20 feet tall. Has a heavy trunk with feather-shaped leaves that are low growing. Leaves have a bluish-gray color. It is a slow grower that will need ample space to develop. Used as a border or base in a landscape. Very adaptable to any soil. It is the most cold-hardy palms, with feather-shaped leaves.

European Fan Palm

It has a height range of 2-5 feet. This is one of the most widely used dwarf, clump growing, palm tree types with fan-shaped leaves. It is a slow grower that is used for borders or as a base plant. It is also good for patios in a large pot. Excellent as a small plant for homes. It tolerates many types of soils and has a high salt tolerance, which makes it good for beachside plantings, or along seawalls.

Dwarf Date Palm

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This is a trunkless species of cold-hardy palms that will grow in clusters with a height of 3-5 feet tall. It does need plenty of room for it’s spreading leaves. It grows best in full sun and is extremely drought tolerant. It is native from northern India to southern China.

Cold Hardy Palms Sonoran Palmetto Species

This palm is a distinct-looking palm tree species of Sabal. The leaves range in color from bluish-green to silver. It has a thick trunk and grows 30-40 feet tall. It is a slow grower so will take years to reach it’s full height. It loves full sun and is very drought tolerant. It is native to northwestern Mexico.

Phoenix Loureirol

It is primarily a thin, single-stemmed type of cold-hardy palms, that grow to a height of 10-15 feet tall. However, there are forms that are clustering. The fronds have thin leaflets with colors that vary from bluish-green to totally green. It can grow well in full sun or partial shade. It is drought tolerant and adapts to infertile soils. It is widely native from India to southern China, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

As you can see there are palm tree types that are considered to be cold hardy palms. Cold weather palm trees can be placed in landscapes in areas that experience cooler climates. You can enjoy the tropical look and not have to worry about the cold weather hurting them.

Author, Kurt Kmetz

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Kurt Kmetz
Kurt Kmetz
Kurt Kmetz is founder and editor of Florida Landscaping Today and a Florida Lawn and Ornamental Specialist with over fifteen years experience in Florida landscaping.


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