Best Roses For Florida Rose Gardens

Best Roses For Florida Rose Gardens

If you have decided to start a garden with roses the first thing you must do is make the right choice on the best roses for Florida to plant. Many types of roses are available from rose growers. It is important to purchase roses from nurseries or garden centers that have suppliers from Florida growers.

Read labels for helpful information to assure you are buying the best roses for Florida. Rose plants that do not conform to Florida standards are not eligible for the “Florida Rose Grade Label”. The kind of root system must be stated on the label. Knowing what “rootstock” is best suited for Florida’s conditions is the base for growing successful roses in Florida.

Choosing the Rootstock for Best Roses for Florida

A hardy rootstock can withstand, heat, Florida soil, and problems that can occur. Pick “Ever-Blooming Grafted” varieties on “Rosa Fortuniana” rootstock for the best roses for Florida. This rootstock is what is recommended by the state of Florida agricultural department. Fortuniana will develop a good root system that supports vigorous plant growth and will produce large beautiful flowers year after year.

Roses known as “Own Root” will not make it after one or two seasons. “Rosa Multiflora” rootstock is the shortest-lived for conditions experienced in Florida. So it is important to pick the right plant for planting for good health.

The state of Florida department of agriculture has developed rose standards that are defined by certain name grades. They are called “Florida Fancy”, “Florida No. 1, and “Florida No. 2”. The best roses for Florida that have the greatest quality, is a “Florida Fancy” container grown on a “Rosa Fortuniana” rootstock.

Names Of Roses

Here are a few of the best roses for Florida, widely used types of roses that are easy to grow and offer beautiful colorful flowers year after year.


(Most Popular) Vase-shaped flowers with long stems. Examples are Moonstone, St. Patrick, Tiffany, and Veterans Honor.


Low-growing, bushy shrub that produces clusters of flowers. Examples are Angel Face, Fabulous, and First Kiss.


A large bushy shrub that produces unique clusters of flowers. An example is, Melody Parfumee.

Most garden centers or nurseries carry these rose types when roses are in stock. If not ask if they are available and can be ordered for you. These names of roses are big sellers so chances are you should be able to find them.


Rose gardeners often choose a variety for a special trait. Some prefer a certain flower color, form, or scent. Experienced rose growers always choose the types of roses with good quality for success and satisfaction. This is the way to have the best roses for Florida in your landscape.

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