Planting Palms

Planting palms is the most popular way for creating a tropical look in a landscape. Palms are used in landscaping for homes, commercial properties,...

Cold Hardy Palms

Even though tropical palm trees can experience problems during the winter, there are some cold hardy palms. Palm trees in Florida adaptable to cooler...

Palm Tree Problems

Florida palm trees need proper care to stay healthy and grow normal. Palm tree problems such as nutrient deficiencies are common from lack of...

Cold Damage Palm Tree and Shrub Care

Did You Receive Cold Damage in Your Florida Landscape? After experiencing freezing temperatures many people are wondering..."Will I need to replace my trees and shrubs?" Most...

Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Tree Trimming And Pruning To ensure the overall health and growth of your palm trees, it is important to trim and prune them the...

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