Azalea Plant Guide

Azaleas are a popular part of landscapes for their beautiful flowers, plant form, and dark green foliage. The Azalea plant is used as foundation plantings,...

Camellias Plant

The Camellias plant is a popular part of today's southern landscapes. Many homeowners love to grow Camellias for their natural beauty and their many...

Care Of Hibiscus

Hibiscus, Popular Florida Plant Hibiscus are one of the most widely used plant in landscaping. Hibiscus produce beautiful flowers with a variety of bold colors,...

Care Of Gardenias

Gardenia Care For Florida Landscaping Gardenia plants produce white flowers and are popular in Florida landscapes. Some types blooming throughout the growing season, from spring...

Florida Winter Plant Protection Tips

Florida Winter Plant Protection Tips Even though Florida experiences moderate winter temperatures, a freeze can still occur. All it takes is one night of exposure...

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